The Basics – Anatomy Of A Road Bike

Now, when you first start out you do not need top of the line road bike products…
…Honestly, you really don’t.

What do I need to Start?

To get started you will need:

Lets Go Through The Anatomy Of Your Road Bike


When you start out, an Aluminum road bike frame will work perfectly for anyone.

Road Bike For Beginners Frame

Even experience riders use Aluminum frames.

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There is also, no reason that a beginner needs Shimano Ultegra Components.

Road Bike For Beginners - Sora Group Set

Here we have your cog, break calipers, break and shifting handles, as well as front and rear derailleurs.

Shimano Sora or Claris components will work perfectly for you.



There are a couple of different types of breaks, caliper and disk brakes.
I have disk break and love them, but if you find a bike you love and it has caliper brakes don’t hesitate…

Get it!

Road Bike for Beginners - Breaks

Here we have a set of disk breaks. The metal disks sit next to your wheels and the break apparatus squeezes the disk rather than your wheel.

Road Bike for Beginners - Caliper Breaks

Here is the common caliper break system. The rubber caliper near your wheels and will squeeze your wheels to stop you.

Next we have wheels.  Don’t be overly concerned about wheels.  The stock wheels are absolutely fine on road bikes for beginners.

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Pedals are pretty important because standard pedals are almost an inconvenience while cycling.

Road bike for beginners - pedalsGetting a good set of clip in pedals can really help with your endurance.

It can be a little intimidating, at first, to have your feet clipped into your bike, however, IT IS WORTH IT.

It gives you the ability to push and pull with your legs, essentially giving you the best chance to reach your desired goals.

In order to use clip in pedals, you need your bike shoes (click here to check out my page on shoes)